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Ever wanted to buy a Fleshlight but wasn’t really sure about what they were or the benefits they can bring to your sex life? Well, here at Winkxxx we have put everything you could ever need to know about Fleshlights all in one place. We are going to discuss how to make the most out of the Fleshlight sex toy, how to keep it in 100% condition and offer tips so you can find your perfect Fleshlight today.

What is a Fleshlight?

So, what is a Fleshlight? Well, to put it simply, it acts as a replica vagina to replicate the sensation of sex with a partner. The soft Superskin sleeve has been designed to help guys enjoy the feel the pleasure of penetrative sex whilst masturbating.

The Fleshlight gets its name from its torch-like appearance (flashlight in America) and is perfect for enhancing masturbation and getting kinky with a partner during foreplay.

But does it work? I’d say so, as it may interest you to know that it is the world’s largest selling masturbation sex toy ever created.

Here’s How to Use A Fleshlight

To get the most out of your use with a Fleshlight, warm your Fleshlight before you get started. I would recommend you do this by running the sleeve under warm water before rinsing it out. Once you are happy with the temperature, get lubed up.

For the best experience, you should apply water-based lubricant to your penis, the sleeve’s entrance, and sleeve’s internal canal.

If you want more information about how to use a Fleshlight, watch this video now.

What is the Best Fleshlight at Winkxxx

Answering what is the best Fleshlight at Winkxxx is completely different from us recommending to you which Fleshlight is best for you. If you want to know which of these male masturbators is the best seller then the Loving Joy Real Feel Male Masturbator Pleasure Stroker, however, this doesn’t always mean that this is the best Fleshlight for you. Below we have put together a few different options which may help you decide.

Fleshlight stamina set

Fleshlights For Stamina Building is the perfect product for you if you don’t last as long in the bedroom as you would like. With the Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack lasting 2 minutes can be a thing of the past and you could become a sex god in no time at all. The pack comes with:

  • Patented SuperSkin Fleshlight Sleeve
  • Exclusive Gold Fleshlight Case
  • Fleshlube (100ml)
  • Fleshwash (100ml)
  • Fleshlight Renew Powder (118g)
  • Fleshlight Shower Mount
  • How this Fleshlight builds stamina is by allowing you to feel the intense pleasure of intercourse just without the pressure, leaving you to train how long you can last before orgasm. This pack is also perfect for males who suffer from lack of sensation during sex due to excessive masturbation.
    Anal Fleshlight

    Porn Star Fleshlights

    Have you ever wanted to bed your favourite porn star? Well, now you can! The Flashlight Girls collection has been moulded from the vaginas of famous pornstars.

    At Winkxxx, we currently have Fleshlights created by Belladonna, Faye Reagan and Sasha Grey.

    For a tighter Fleshlight, maybe you would like to try anal with a pornstar. Currently, we have an anal Fleshlight which was created by one of America’s biggest porn stars Riley Reid. This really is your best chance to experience what anal sex with a pornstar would feel like.

    Cheap Fleshlight

    If you are looking for a cheap Fleshlight without all the thrills, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives which men are using. The Blow Job Stroker Clear for only £5.99 is a great cheap alternative to the mainstream Fleshlights which you can purchase.

    Egg Fleshlight

    The Most Discreet Fleshlights

    If you aren’t sure you want a 10 inch Fleshlight around your house waiting to be discovered, or you want a smaller Fleshlight which is easier to travel with, you may be more interested in TENGA Surfer Hard Boiled Egg Shaped Male Masturbator. The Fleshlight is egg-shaped and easy to pack away.

    Advice on How to clean your Fleshlight

    After using your Fleshlight, ensure that you remove the Fleshlight sleeve from its case and run under hot water to remove any water-based lubricant or bodily fluids. The manufacturers of Fleshlight recommend that you do not use soap as it can degrade the special SuperSkin material, so for cleaning thoroughly use a specialist sex toy cleaner like our Fleshlight Renewer Powder to restore its back to its former glory.

    Once this process is done, ensure that your Fleshlight is stored in its case in a safe environment.

    For simple instructions, you do not want to forget, here are our tips outlined clearly

    Here’s Our Don’ts For Cleaning You Fleshlight

    To ensure you don’t damage your Fleshlight during the cleaning stage

  • Do Not use silicone lube on your Fleshlight
  • Do Not share the usage of your sex toy with anyone else
  • Do Not use talcum powder
  • Do Not use soap or other non-specialist cleaning products
  • If you would like more information about how to take care of your Fleshlight, here’s a great article you can read

    Buy Your Fleshlight Today

    If you are looking to buy a Fleshlight today from Winkxxx, we have a product page dedicated to everything Fleshlight you could need. You can buy Fleshlights on there today or if you would like more information about Fleshlights or know how long it will take to arrive at your door, contact our care team now on 07379351093

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