How to make your Girlfriend Squirt

How to make her squirt

Okay we don’t actually have the secret but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of flooding the bedroom.

Female ejaculation is one of the last taboo subjects left when it comes to bedroom antics. For many years there was a consensus that the female orgasm was a futile and pointless exercise. Women were shamed for their natural bodily function and made to feel like a burden for wanting the same sexual attention as their partners.

There have been hundreds of studies that suggest various numbers for the average number of women who squirt but the agreed number is always around the 5% mark. Interesting, the national organisation of gynaecologists argue that the number is closer to 10%. The number may even be higher as a lot of women still feel a certain feeling of shame is admitting that they produce fluids whilst cumming. The sad truth is that many women are not even aware that they have the potential to squirt. The problem is deep and complex but could be helped, like many things with simple education.

Many boyfriends, partners, even husbands are so unfamiliar with the idea of pleasing their partner that they are incapable of actually bringing their partner to a climax. Some guys think purchasing orgasm gel is enough, but they are sadly mistaken. What we also forget is that these men may not being doing this deliberately, but simply do not know what to do when it comes down to it. So here are my tips for helping extract that juice.

Keep it Short and Sweet

ou would be forgiven into believing that longer = better but the truth is usually quite different for most women. Sure, it is nice to have an animistic 2 hour now and again but for the most part, we just want to be taken to that good place and then get on the day. If your partner hasn’t orgasmed within half an hour the chances she probably won’t. You need to make sure that you get everything done in an efficient way so nothing becomes stale. If you’re going to start with foreplay, make sure that you’re not spending too long in one position or doing the same thing over and over again. Start with the clit, kissing and massaging it is a winner. Don’t be afraid to get a bit rough as long as you’re using plenty of lubricant. There is no way of knowing completely when to stop the foreplay but use your common sense. If you’re not getting anywhere within a reasonable time-frame move on to the sex. As for the sex you need to gauge what it is your partner is feeling. Asking is the easiest way to do this but you can normally tell by their reaction to certain movements.

Don’t be Afraid of Toys

Sex toys can be a great way of making things more interesting in the bedroom, especially if you’re struggling with ideas on how to make an impact. There is almost an unlimited plethora of toys that you can chose from; From the classic dildo to the complex yet simple vibrating butt-plug, it all comes down to arousal. If you just concentrating on a house shaking orgasm, whatever it takes, even if you miss you’ll still provide an unforgettable night

We found that clit teasers and vibrators tend to be the most used sex toy to help a lady squirt. Vibrations to the clit can send a girl wild, but if your hoping to make her squirt maybe a waterproof vibrator should be your toy of choice. No body wants to be electricuted 😉

Girl pretending to squirt with the use of a water fountain

Only 10% of women have ever squirted according to a study

Make her Feel Sexy

One of the biggest mood killers in the bedroom can be your own mind. Self doubt and body anxiety can riddle a good relationship if left unchecked. One thing that you can do to make sure partner is not experiencing this. If they want to turn the lights off, let them. Do not say “but you’re so sexy i want to see you”. If they want to keep a t-shirt on, don’t try to take it off. They are keeping it on for them not you. Once you have built trust with your partner it will make everything else just flow and remember that there is no rush with things like this. Feeling desired and sexy is a gateway into an unforgettable climax.

In conclusion, there is no guaranteed method that will work with every girl but there is most definitely a method that works for each individual. Each vagina is different in diameter, location of the G-spot can be slightly different and obviously there is the hurdle of what the actual person actually likes. Keep an open mind and wear a raincoat because when it rains, it pours…

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