Penis Extenders. Do they Work?

Penis extender

Men have had a symbolic relationship with their manhood for as long as recorded history. The Romans and Greeks created statues and detailed paintings of the male form. Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel shows is an obvious front runner for the most famous illustration. .

As times changed, so did attitudes towards genitalia. 1000 years ago, a smaller penis was looked upon as favourable, as larger endowments were seen as brutish, ugly. ‘Laocoön and His Sons’, which is displayed at the Vatican Museum, shows the Trojan priest being brutally murdered with his humble 3 inch member forever immortalised in stone. Men were less ashamed of their penises, partly because of lower expectations but also partly because women were less sexually liberated.

Movements from women’s rights campaigns in the past 1000 years has liberated attitudes to sex, as women are no longer forced to accept the patriarchal attitude that men are the only beneficiary’s of sex. The penis is now equally open to scrutiny just as the female anatomy is, if not more so. If you’re one of the 50% of men that has a below average penis you may be resigned to the fact that you cannot compete with the other half. It seemed for so many years that the cards you were dealt were what you had to stick with unless opting for surgery . However the good news is that you know have another option…..

Male Edge Extra
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Penis Extenders – Go Big or Go Home

There are loads of different types of penis extenders so we must be clear before we go any further. There are two types of penis extenders .

  • The Enhancer – The enhancer range offers a product that uses what you were given and maximising its potential i.e. the penis pump which pumps the package with air, causing a swell and a girthy result. There are also cock rings, which compress the area around the penis and sometimes testicles.
  • The Extender – Devices that are designed to increase penis size permanently/semi-permanently. According to their designers, the device was created for Danish men who had undergone cosmetic surgery and have helped 100,000 men increase their penis size. do not confuse these with “promise pills” that you’ve seen on adult sites, these devices have been thoughtfully designed and have proven results.
  • It goes without saying, whatever size your penis is, There is absolutely no shame in your natural body. What you were born with is enough and never let anyone tell you otherwise. These products are for those of us who are looking to experiment with their sex lives and have no problem in trying new things. It must also be stated that penis extenders are for the pleasure of the receiver, not necessarily the giver (other than the obvious visual stimulation)

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