When you are considering your options for a little self-stimulation, then you just have to consider what would truly be best for you and your own sexual pleasure. Whilst you can use your fingers to fully enjoy yourself, surely you would want a little help in order to help you cascade the peak of orgasmic pleasure. Whether you are a man or a woman, a vibrator can always help you reach orgasm with a little vibratory stimulation on either the clitoris or inside of the vagina or anus. The choice is yours as to where you want to use it, for at the end of the day, what truly matters is that you are able to fully enjoy yourself with a brand new Winkxxx Vibrator!

A Brief History

Considering that a vibrator is mainly used as a spot stimulator, you may be surprised to learn that in the 19th Century the vibrator was actually used by doctors as a cure for hysteria. Orgasms were actually used as a method of relaxation for hysterical patients. But back then they were known as “pelvic massages”. However as doctors grew tired of bringing their patients to orgasm with their fingers, they used vibrators in order to get the job done and inadvertently take care of any female sexual needs.

Looking back on it now, it is extremely amusing to think that vibrators were actually marketed as normal health objects within magazines, such as The Women’s Home Companion, with slogans such as “all the pleasure of youth…will throb within you” and “such delightful companions.” Whilst back then the very idea of sexual stimulation could happen outside of penetration was ludicrous, we now know better and are ready to fully indulge in the excitement of clitoral stimulation with a Winkxxx Vibrator.

Sweet Vibrations for all!

If you are feeling a little shy about purchasing your first sex object, you should know that actually owning a vibrator is seriously normal. It is not taboo to want to indulge in a self-pleasure, thus you should never feel embarrassed about picking out your first one. Whether you want a small Rabbit that can hide in your purse or a Vibrating Dildo that is the full size of a male penis, the choice is entirely up to you and what you are comfortable with

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, thus you never need to feel intimated by them. They are the perfect size for you to either keep in your bedroom or take with you on a trip. They can stimulate you through the clitoris or through vaginal or anal penetration at whatever speed you choose. You can choose powerful vibrating thrusts or just small tickles. Basically, when it comes to vibrators, you can choose your own experience. The individualisation of a vibrator sex toy is what makes it so much fun and so convenient to so many people. Pick what pleasures you best!

Getting to know yourself

With the chance of being able to completely personalise your sexual experience, purchasing a vibrator will give you the chance to start to get back in touch with your own body. Everyone deserves a little self-loving from time to time. This is why purchasing a vibrator can be a great way to truly get to know yourself and your sexual preferences. Try exploring your body with your vibrator. If you just want to self-indulge, pick a spot you know you will genuinely like. However, if you want to try something a little more “exciting” try using your vibrator on different spots on your body. Try using it on your nipples before moving down to more intimate internal spots, like your g-spot either inside your vagina or anal cavity. This can help you to get to know the places you genuinely enjoy being touched, thus can really start to vamp up your sex life in the long run.

Partner Play

Naturally, if you purchase a sex toy, you may want to use it during sex in order to please both you and your partner. Vibrators can be used on either gender, either by being strapped to the penis during penetration or can just be rubbed on the clitoris during foreplay. It is a great way to help you and your partner bond over an intense orgasm, especially if you are both interested in an extremely passionate night.

Purchase a Winkxxx Vibrator today!

Winkxxx Vibrators are all extremely quality products and are guaranteed to bring you to the dizzy heights of orgasmic bliss. Our Vibrator Page will show you a vast selection of sex toys that can be individualised to any sexual situation. They are perfect for people to use on their own or with that special somebody. So take your time when getting to know your Winkxxx vibrator, for it will always fulfil all of your dirtiest fantasies and overall sex drive.

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