Sex Toys For Couples

When it comes to exploring your sexuality with your lover, you can come to feel overwhelmed, or perhaps even a bit intimidated, if sex toys begin to enter the bedroom. But don’t be afraid of them! When the vanilla sex starts to feel a bit tedious, which is natural, it is normal for a couple to want to spice up the night with some new techniques and toys.

Make her feel like a Queen

For some women, they may find it difficult to orgasm in a sexual encounter through vaginal sex alone. It is even said that some straight women find it more difficult to orgasm than men or lesbians. This is due to lack of stimulation of the clitoris, or as some call it “the pleasure buzzer.”

This is where the magic of vibrators come in. To avoid a fake orgasm or a single climax, a vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris. It is stronger than your fingers and can provide pleasure for both of the sexual partners. Whether it is a small vibrating bead, or “rabbit”, or an attachable vibrator on the penis that can rub against the clitoris during penetration, these sex toys can lead to a powerful orgasm experience for both parties and leave both of you feeling satisfied. Not only that but adding a vibrator to the experience can make your partner see that you really understand how their body works and that you care enough to try it out, earning you some “brownie points” in and out of the sack.

Romantic Gestures

For a sex toy, you may mainly think of a dildo or something that can be inserted vaginally or anally. However, for a couple, there may be more important things you want to focus on in the foreplay before you get to the main act.

Sex Toys can come in the form of massage gels which can be used to make a special night even more passionate. With a little candlelight, then you can truly pamper your partner after a stressful day at work. Not only that, but these gels are edible, meaning that they can be used on more intimate parts of the body without potential irritation or disgusting flavouring.

With these gels, you can really focus on pleasuring your partner rather than just by having a sexual encounter. Beginning with a soft foreplay with romantic candlelight and a thoughtful massage can really set the right tone for the rest of the evening

Trust is is everything

If you are new to a relationship and to intimacy, then bringing a sex toy into your relationship can be the perfect means of exploring yourself and testing your limits. It’s important that you and your partner are comfortable and open with each other, especially in regards to your sexual pleasure. Your partner may not enjoy penetration as much as you do, but maybe more enthused by oral sex. By choosing a toy you both like the look of, you can both see whether you enjoy it or not and open communication about whether or not you would want to use something different . This will allow you to bond over respecting each other’s feelings.

A “Couple” of Conclusions

Instead of worrying about whether a sex toy for your partner is a replacement for you personally, it is important to know that these toys are meant to bring you together not tear you apart.

Experiment and explore yourselves together. For whilst your partner may think you are pretty when you are being well-behaved, being naughty will only make you look absolutely gorgeous to them.

Couples Sex Toys can bring you together for an intimate night to remember. So splash out on them today and have a fantastic evening.

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