Passion Play

Whether you’re messing around with a long-term partner or are hooking up with a brand new lover, you know that any sort of playtime needs to have the right toys to make it extra special. Here are some examples of the brands that Winkxxx could offer to turn up your orgasm and make your night into one that you will remember for a very long time. Here are some of the best sex toys that you just need to try out on your lover.

BDSM Goodies and Sexy Restraints

Whether you’re a dab hand in the BDSM world or are inexperienced but are looking for a new thrill, nothing can be more sexually satisfying than bringing in some restraints into the bedroom. Uncover who the secret sub and dom are in your relationship by using a sexy ball gag or strap your partner in for the ride of their life with some sexy bondage tape or the classic handcuffs.

Each of these items can give a lover a thrill due to the flexible power dynamic of a sexual relationship. Want to try something even kinkier for a night? Playtime can only be made wilder by introducing a collar into the mix. But don’t be too mean to your precious pup, as they may want to return the favour later on!

Sweet Vibrations

Nothing can beat your partner’s sensual touch, but if you want to add to the night’s romantic fun, why not introduce a vibrator in order to stimulate your partner further? These wands are designed for both women and men and can be the perfect thing to achieve an orgasm during penetration.

These vibrations can even be used to tease your partner during foreplay. A remote-controlled thong can really excite your partner before the main sexual act. So take your time and make sure your partner is begging you for sex before you release them from their pantie prison!

Gags without the Gagging Reflex

Want to bring something funny into the bedroom or out on a hen/stag do? Why not indulge in some funnier products, such as edible nipple tassels or a Chocolate Willy Molding Kit to really sweeten the mood. Your partner will be laughing throughout the night as your playtime becomes sillier than ever! It is the perfect way to get comfortably into a sexy mood whilst having a few laughs along the way.

Playtime Pleasures

Get ready for a night to remember with Winkxxx’s playtime products. You know that your partner can pleasure you, but why not heighten the fun with some extra sexy products. That way you know your partner will be writhing under you in ultimate pleasure. Just by watching them, you will be able to tell how happy they truly are, so get ready to indulge in Winkxxx playtime products today!

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