Remote Control Sex Toys

No matter what sort of relationship you are in, you should always fully be able to indulge in a fully pleasurable night. Whether you are committed to a long-term relationship or just fancy a night of fun with a new flame, bring some spice into your night with a Remote Controlled Sex Toy from Winkxxx. We have a wide variety of titillating products that will truly bring the buzz back into your bedroom.

The Benefits of the Buzz

Sexuality Explorers

When it comes to exploring your sexuality, it can be difficult to figure out whether or not you are the dom or the sub in the relationship. Figuring out what you like takes a lot of trying and testing out new sexual experiences, products and toys. This is why investing in a Remote Controlled Underwear, that can be turned on and off by a partner, is a fantastic way of getting to grips with what sort of position you like. If you enjoy being the sub of the relationship, your partner can take control of what speed the vibrations are at, whilst if you are the dom, your partner can be ordered to please you.

Overall, you will find that you will slowly uncover what sort of acts and intensity you like, as well as what actions your partner can do to keep you satisfied during the sexual act. This makes a Winkxxx Remote Controlled product the perfect thing for any new couples that are ready to take the leap into a more passionate intimacy.

For Men and Women

Don’t think for a second that remote-controlled sexual products are only aimed at women. For the UK, at least one in eight men have admitted to owning a sex toy, showing that men are just as interested in spicing up their nightly passions as women are.

Men can use remote controlled vibrating eggs on the penis to stimulate the more sensitive areas, such as the head, but they can also invest in a remote controlled vibrating cock ring, that can not only pleasure the penis but also any partner that he is penetrating. This makes it a fantastic addition for any couple trying to spice up their sex lives.

Long Distance Pleasures

It can be difficult to keep the passion alive when you are going through a long distanced relationship. After a while, you may grow tired of the lack of intimacy that is happening between you and your partner and start to long to want to hold them in your arms. But this is where a remote controlled product can come in extremely handy.

If you set up a romantic video call between you and your partner, if you either send them a wireless vibrating product or a duo stimulant, then you can both grow intimate in each others company without even needing to be in the same room together.

Keep your passionate flame burning with a remote controlled product from Winkxxx! It is certainly a worthwhile investment for both you and your partner.

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