Double Enfer Dildos

Let’s talk about Dildos. There is nothing to be embarrassed about if you own one of them, after all, over 2,947,200 members of the British public own one too! Whether you want a Dildo that has vibration functions, is made of glass or silicon, you can always choose a product that will best suit yours and your partner’s needs. If you are looking to add a little bit of excitement into your bedroom then you just have to try out one of Winkxxx’s Double Enders. They are the best way to bond with your partner and available for all genders and sexualities!

Fun for All!

No matter your gender or sexuality, Winkxxx’s Double Enders are available for everyone! Whether you are a gay couple or a man interested in Pegging, trying out a Double Ended Dildo can be a great way of truly getting to bond with your partner. Not only can the dildo truly “bring you both together”, but you can both remain completely intimate by maintaining eye contact and bringing your bodies closer together. Your tempos bring each other pleasure thus it will be up to both of you to find a speed and pace that you both enjoy!

Unique Sizes and Shapes

As it will be you who will be using your Double Ender, you should make sure that it is completely personalised to your tastes. Your Double Ender can come in a wide range of colours, styles, materials and even in girth and length. Some of them can even allow for double penetration of a single person just by sticking it to the wall. You can decide about whether you would feel more comfortable being intimate with a realistic double ended dildo or something that appears more transparent and malleable, for instance, Silicon.

Sweet Vibrations

One of our most favourite products has to be our vast collection of Vibrators. As these products tend to be extremely convenient to take around in a bag or hide in the bedroom, it will make you happy to know that our Double Enders are actually combined with Vibrators! That means you can enjoy the sweet sensation alongside your partner. The intensity of the stimulation can be increased or decreased, and some can even move to enhance the gyrations of your sexual experience.

Pick a Winkxxx Double Ender that will suit both you and your partner!

You may feel a little shy about using a Double Ender with your partner. After all, moving onto Double Enders are a big step due to the very idea of you both being penetrated. But if you can handle the passion and intense stimulation that these sex toys can bring, then you will truly be able to connect with your partner on a more intimate scale. You will simply love them. So have fun browsing our wide range of Double Enders Products!

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