Sex Enhancers

As the Beatles famously said, “I get by with a little help from my friends”. We know that they probably were not singing about sexual lubricant but there is no way to know for sure. Being an integral part of the sexual enlightenment era, the fab four would surely care about your sexual health and enhanced pleasure. To answer their call, Wink-XXX has compiled a list of great products to help those difficult parts of sex that we normally suffer in silence.

Don’t be a noob, use the lube.

There is a stigma that within the intercourse community that needing lube means you’re not aroused, resulting in women not lubing up and enduring sex that is uncomfortable at best. Vaginas have unique moisture, depending on the time of the cycle and are not always ready and willing to self lubricate. In those instances, lube up! Our Doc Johnson Spot On G-Spot Stimulating Gel is odourless and tasteless and stimulates all G-spots without having that awkward ‘rubbing’ feeling.

Heads Up.

Up your head game with some mouth freshening Add to Wishlist Doc Johnson GoodHead To-Go – Deep Throat Spray – Wild Cherry. That horrible ick in the back of your throat will never be an issue again. The best part is you can have all this for under a tenner! Great blowjobs for under £10? bargain.

Get your Wink-XXX set today

You have no reason whatsoever to hesitate on upgrading your sex life, especially if you’ve read this far imagine reading an entire page about lube and not getting any for yourself! Crazy talk. There is a great range of products available at your fingertips for a great price all here at Wink-XXX.

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