Massage Essentials

The gift of a sensual massage is one of the greatest gifts you can give to someone. Amplify this with our amazing range of oils and candles, and you can truly create your own little piece of heaven! Whether you love to receive them or are a dab hand at giving them, we have everything you need right here.

Intimacy at your Finger Tips

There is no better feeling in the bedroom than knowing that you are providing your partner with the sense of bliss. With every touch that your massage gives to them, you will notice that they will slowly start to relax and unwind, sometimes even with the odd moan to add to the ecstasy of your kind gesture. There is nothing more romantic, and ultimately bonding than giving your partner a massage, especially if you decide to use massage oil. Not only will they make your partner smell delicious, but if you taste it, then you may find that your tongue gives them more of a massage than your fingers!

Give the gift of Oil

There is nothing worse than a dry massage. Well, other than not getting one at all I suppose. Whether you’re going to give or receive a massage, do it properly. Our delicious ‘Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil’ not only smells and feels amazing but also tastes amazing! Yes, you read that right. Petroleum free and Vegan-friendly, this scented oil will whet your appetite for more!
If you don’t fancy chowing down on the oil, our candles are completely edible too! Light the wick, burn the wax, and pour.

Sexy slip and Slide

One of the few inconveniences of massage play is the mess that can be made from all of the oil, and other fluids. The solution? Mr Nori`s Magic Gel Nuru Bed Sheet! These exotic Hi-Gloss PU sheets not only protect the mattress and bed sheets from oil and dirt but is perfect for slow, body-to-body massages. Sheets are suitable for professionals and amateurs alike and are super slidey.

Unlock your inner Masseuse at WINK-XXX

Massages have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, help with anxiety and increase physical intimacy. If you’re looking for that new activity to spice up your relationship, you can’t go wrong with a massage. Browse our great range of products today and get rubbing!

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