Edible Sex Toys

Yes, fun and games in the bedroom can certainly spice up a boring sex life, or make a fun one even better!

Thankfully, here at Winkxxx we have a great range of toys, underwear, edibles and much more to add giggles and fun to your nights between the sheets.

You can have a giggle with the girls by getting one of your friends a Candy Blow job Practice Willy, or an Edible Posing Pouch to make your lovemaking that bit more interactive.

Whether it’s an amusing present for your pals, or a romantic reminder for your loved one, there are all kinds of fun and interesting gift ideas here.

Edible Underwear

When it comes to edible underwear, we have a wide range of goods, from candy g strings and bras, to nipple tassles, love rings and more.

With underwear like this, you can add that bit more fun as you tease and play, eating the underwear off each other instead of just removing it. Instead of rushing your lovemaking, you can slow it right down, and also enjoy some tasty candy along the way!

The Thrill of Touch

There are also a host of other presents that can make lovemaking that bit more fun, including chocolate body paint, and massage oil, to make it that bit more exciting when you touch your partner. So much of sex is about foreplay and being stimulated, and there’s no better way to do this than gradual, sensual touch.

Massage and body chocolate allow you to explore your partners body, giving it that loving attention that it needs, gradually building and building tension and pleasure.

Chocolate Willies and Filthy Fun

If you and your friends have a filthy sense of humour, then these edibles are exactly the sort so present to make them giggle.

Cream filled Willies, Dick on A Stick, Cola and Jelly Willies, Peppermint Peckers and Jelly Boobs, there are a wide variety of filthy gifts here, ideal for birthdays or the festive season. you can make your other half laugh with a cheeky present from this selection.

Clear Your Throat

If you’re the sort of girl who prides herself on a good blowjob, or if you significant other does, then you can grab some blow job spray, to make it easier on the throat, or some gel, to make the whole experience a lot tastier.


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Eat Me

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