Find a sexier you with a WINK-XXX lingerie set

Confidence is one of the fundamental principles of a healthy sex life. Looking your best helps you feel your best. Our collection of seductive bedroom wear will leave your partner always begging you for intimacy. Here at WINK-XXX, we want you to feel like the goddess that you are.

Kinkier Pieces

Are you after a set of lingerie that can truly turn you into a sexual temptress? Of Course, you have seen adult models wearing a varied selection of lace, ribbon and silk lingerie that are guaranteed to make a man’s mouth water. That’s why you just have to pick out some of the sexier pieces to truly impress your partner. If you know that they enjoy seeing you in a certain outfit, such as a leather corset or a lace one-piece, why not impress them with a sexy little Winkxxx number? Not only will you find that your confidence will shoot up, but your partner will be willing to do anything to make sure they can tear your underwear from your body. Indulge in that passion, for you certainly will enjoy it!

Looks so good you could eat it!

Our exclusive range of lingerie will not only have you looking like a snack but tasting like one too! You and your partner will love the delicious candy G-string and if you want to make it the complete set, combine it with the candy bra for a flavour sensation. Whether you want to just tease your partner as a sweet treat, or want to add a little humour into your play time, then these delicious underwear garments are perfect to spice up any sort of intimate encounter!

Role Play like Mr Grey

Reenact those mouthwatering scenes from the movie with our 50 shades range. Remain anonymous with female and masculine masquerade masks based on the same ones Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan wore in the film! Or, maybe take it one step further and try the unbelievable vibrating thong. The micro vibrating bullet is quiet and subtle, but make no mistake, packs quite a punch.

Get your WINK-XXX Lingerie today

If you want to blow your partner’s mind or simply want to feel good about yourself then indulge in a selection of our super sexy underwear and bedroom wear. Nipple covers, fishnet suspenders or male thongs; We have it all!

Eat Me

Candy Bra

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