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Whilst it is always nice to be serviced by your partner, there are a plethora of rewards waiting for you if you design her a night to remember. However, it can be hard to know where to begin, especially if you are led astray by myths
on how to please a woman properly in bed. Without much direction, a sexual experience can flatline without much hope for resuscitation. Here are some tips on how you can avoid that.

Send Good Vibrations to the “Pleasure Buzzer”

Unfortunately, most people, when they are new to bringing a woman to bed, think that only the roughest contact with the clitoris is the only way to bring her to climax. This is incorrect and can actually destroy a mood rather than bring her further into it. Instead of lapping at her like an overzealous puppy and leaving a sloppy mess, or trying to give her clitoris friction burns, be gentle and try moving your fingers or tongue in different directions. You can then watch how her body moves, her breathing and even how she speaks to you to know whether or not she is really enjoying it.

Be aware that if she is truly enjoying a certain position then it is essential that you do not stop unless she asks. It can be truly disappointing to be taken to the heights of arousing only for the spot to be lost by slippy fingers

If you have been with your partner for quite a while, you may even feel comfortable enough to ask her if she wants to be stimulated by a sex toy, as well as your fingers and tongue. Vibrators for internal and external clitoris use, such as rabbits, are fantastic ways of finding how much stimulation she enjoys, and can even assist with full-on penetrative sex if the orgasms allow her to get wet before the act.

Think of Touch rather than Penetration

When it comes to the bedroom, women have far more erogenous zones than men do. This means that they whilst they can orgasm through sex itself, it is far more stimulating for them to be touched in different places on their body, whether this is the breasts, forearms, legs or even on the forehead. This is where the tension of certain toys and your hands can come into play.

If you hold her body tightly or use pressure to stimulate her nipples, such as through nipple clamps, then this can increase her pleasure and tension to orgasm to the point where she is ready for penetration. You can even do this by simply “spooning” her, in other words lying behind her with your penis against her buttocks, and allowing your penis to gently stimulate her by moving it in a rocking motion.

Gels and Excitement

If you are looking for a way to introduce foreplay into a special night, then a massage combined with stimulant/aphrodisiac gels may be the perfect way to get started. Not only are these products slippery enough to rub on the skin, but they can be placed on genitals without irritation. Producers purposefully flavour them to ensure that any lover can use them to stimulate their partner through oral sex, so be sure to give your girl some extra attention during the massage. You never know, she might be happy to return the favour!

Happy Endings

Whether you are looking to impress a romantic fling or keep the flame going with an old partner, then be sure to give your goddess the attention she deserves. Focusing on her body and making sure she receives the foreplay she needs to be stimulated are brilliant starting points. Start gently and you will be soon taking off your clothes in no time for a fantastic night.

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