Bullets and Eggs

When it comes to Bullets and Eggs, the micro-genre of compact vibrators have taken the industry by storm due to their compact size, durability and ease of use. It can be a bit embarrassing storing dildos and other more obvious sex toys, bullets and eggs are subtle and suite those who do not wish to expose their sexual devices which is why they are so popular to the over 30s!

What is the Difference Between a Bullet and an Egg?

Technically speaking, bullets and eggs do pretty much the same thing. Their primary use is as a high-intensity vibrator. They get their names from the objects they are shaped off. The bullets are longer and thinner, normally used for high-speed clit stimulation. The eggs are thicker and rounder and are inserted into the vagina itself. The eggs normally run at a lower speed, slowly pulsating the vagina through relaxing vibrations, however, most eggs these days are equally as powerful as the bullets.

Dildos vs Vibrators

The old dildo vs vibrator debate is an argument as old as time itself. For centuries, different cultures have argued the benefits of one or the other, culminating in a very confused society. There is no single answer to this question in all honesty, as it all depends on the personal preference of the person who will use. One thing that a vibrator can do that a dildo cant is a high-intensity pleasure in an instant. As Vibrators are non-invasive devices, they can be quickly rinsed and reused without having to be disinfected.

Bite the bullet and Crack Some Eggs

There has never been a better time to get yourself a compact vibrator! If you’re a busy professional that travels a lot or a stay at home mum that doesn’t want the kids to find a 9-inch dildo, get yourself a discreet egg or lipstick imitating bullet!

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