Realistic Dildos

When it comes to our sexual fantasies, each is extremely individualised and may require a specific toy to help fulfil them for the evening. Spice up your evening, whether you are alone or with a partner, with one of our realistic sex toys and get ready to reach the dizziest heights of pleasure.

Anatomy Matters

If your fantasies consist of a long hard shaft assisting in your pleasure, then it is very important to invest in a toy that is anatomically correct. A vibrating or rotating dildo, fit with a silicone ballsack and individualised colour, can be the perfect thing to help bring your fantasies to life. Just lie back, relax and indulge in the fantasy of your dream man bringing you pleasure. You will be addicted to these sort of dildos in no time!

Buzz up your Bedroom

If you are a woman, you will know that any vibrating dildo needs to have an additional stimulant to focus on the clitoris. Around 36 per cent of women have revealed that they need clitoral stimulants in order to orgasm, thus, may require a dildo that focuses on both the internal and external parts of the vagina. Invest in a realistic clit stimulator and get ready for a powerful orgasm as vibrations stimulate both the clitoris as well as your inner g-spot.

Double the Pleasure

If you are into anal stimulation in the bedroom, then why not buy a dildo that will also satisfy this need? A double penetration dildo can be the answer to your most erotic dreams, especially if you have a partner that is willing to use it on you.

Quirky Gifts

When it comes to buying a hilarious gift for your partner or for a stag do, why not indulge in a Clone A Willy Vibrator Kit-Hot Pink Silicone Casting Kit. Not only does this kit come with moulding supplies, but you can even fit a vibrator into it before it hardens. Now your partner can think of you all the time when pleasuring themselves, or you can make multiple casts to take on the stag do as a hilarious gag gift.

Your Pleasure at your Convenience

Your sex toys should fit your needs and you should never feel embarrassed about wanting to fulfil them. Get ready to indulge in some of your dirtiest fantasies with your realistic Winkxxx sex toys.

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