Waterproof Vibrators

We all know that some vaginas were made to be wetter than others. For the drier among us, there are products to aid moisture; for the wetter, there are Waterproof vibrators. Now you may be wondering, “What is a waterproof vibrator?” The answer is simple: A Vibrator that is waterproof.
Some of you may believe that your favourite little toy is waterproof as it frequently withstands the soaking that you may give it, but what you’ll find is that if you want to take it into the bath or shower, it will probably fail and disappoint you. A waterproof vibrator will keep humming along in the depths of your bath.

Soak your Bloke

Waterproof vibrators are not just for the ladies, men are just as acceptable in terms of insertion. Often if your fella is a little apprehensive about inserting something, he may not like the idea of a Doc Johnson Big black dildo being pulled from under the bed, but he may be more accepting if you pull out a cute looking Adrien Lastic Mr Hook Remote Control Rechargeable Panty Vibrator. He will be jumping for joy when you stimulate his neglected prostate and maybe treat you to a home-cooked meal. Probably not but it’s worth a try.

Splash your Gash.

The best thing about waterproof vibrators the ability to take them into the tub and shower, without the worry of having it fail on you as you’re about to climax, their silicone outer shell allows easy insertion even when surrounded in a body of water. The ultra quiet motor is discreet and almost silent, impossible to detect from another room. If you are someone that does produce a lot of fluid, you can rest assured you reliable waterproof vibrator from Wink-XXX won’t let you down.

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